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Sandra Bullock: Beauty Queen in Touch With the Times

Miss_congenialityAs long as Donald Trump owns the Miss Universe Competition, as long as nude photos of contestants can surface, as long as pepper spray is allowed backstage—the world needs you Gracie Hart.  Too bad you’re not real.

In Miss Congeniality, Sandra Bullock plays Gracie Hart, an undercover FBI agent who infiltrates a beauty pageant to catch a killer.  In the sequel, Miss Congeniality 2: Armed and Fabulous, she rescues Miss United States.  When a beauty queen is in trouble, Gracie is there.  The good news for Bullock (also the producer of the franchise) is that there could be no end to Gracie’s adventures.  Writers need only read the news to get ideas for sequels.

Just this month there was the Christina Silva debacle.  Four days after she was crowned Miss California USA, pageant officials announced there was an accounting mix-up and the wrong girl was crowned. Sounds suspicious right?  In November, America was shocked to learn that stunning Ingrid Marie Rivera was the victim of sabotage; her evening gown was doused with a chemical to destroy her chances of winning.  But, despite the hives and emotional distress caused by the attack, she went on to win the Miss Puerto Rico Universe Pageant anyway. (Does this scream screenplay or what?)  Then police said she was lying about the whole thing.  Oh that is so low! But wait, according to People Magazine police now say "they believe a perpetrator did in fact spray the dress."  Gracie could have handled the investigation so much better.

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