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RiffTrax Celebrates Wookiee Life Day

The Star Wars universe isn’t starved for Messiahs. Anakin Skywalker’s entire story is basically the same as that of Jesus, only midichlorians impregnate his mother instead of God and it takes Anakin about 60 years of being evil before he finally gets around to sacrificing himself for the common good.

Despite all of this, though, the citizens of the New Republic don’t hang their festive stockings by the exhaust ports of their spaceships with care on Vader’s Day. Instead, they celebrate the pan-denominational Wookiee Life Day, which isn’t as much celebrated by Star Wars fans around this time of year as it is observed, like the anniversary of an atrocity.

That atrocity? The release of the Star Wars Holiday Special, the only entry into the official Star Wars canon more universally loathed than the prequels themselves. And to help everyone observe Wookiee Life Day, Mike Nelson—nee of Mystery Science Theater 3000, currently of RiffTrax—has released his own holiday-themed lampoon of the special, which you can purchase for $3.99 at the official site.

Star Wars Holiday Special [Rifftrax]

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