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Preview of “Teeth” Has Sexy Bite

Teeth As if puberty wasn’t hard enough already…

The horror-comedy Teeth won’t hit theaters until May, but the online launch of its trailer is fast earning it a reputation as the best gory chick flick since The Descent .  Sundance awarded its star Jess Weixler a Special Jury Prize at the Park City Festival in 2006 for her "juicy and jaw-dropping performance" as Dawn, a high school girl who discovers through a series of gruesome sexual mishaps that she has a unique advantage in the battle of the sexes.  Studs and ladykillers will want to proceed with caution; the rest of us will be watching from under our chairs.

What we get to see in the trailer isn’t nearly as scary as what we don’t see: the result of a gynecological exam gone horribly awry is mercifully shielded from view—for now.  Most of this preview is an artfully baited hook, a glimpse of the latest embodiment of enraged female adolescence in the tradition of Hard Candy and the Carrie films. (She can turn prey to predator without warning.)  Those who’ve already screened Teeth confirm that it’s not for the squeamish.  Parents of teenagers may find it oddly comforting, though: Things could always be worse.

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