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Preview of “Futurama” Sequel

To paraphrase the Bard: "I am one, sir, that comes to tell you that your cycloptic daughter and the buttock-obsessed robot are now making the beast with a billion backs." Shakespeare may have been ripping off Rabelais, but the moldy skeletons of both writers would agree: The Futurama Direct-to-DVD film rocked, and the follow-up, The Beast With A Billion Backs, should rock even harder.

Unfortunately, there’s no telling when we’ll get to see the next Futurama movie, except for a vague promise of 2008 from the producers. But a special teaser of the film has been released to the Internet, which will gives fans an appetite-whetting taste.

Full warning: As the old timey silent-era title card indicates, The Beast With A Billion Backs is still pretty early in production, which doesn’t bode well for an early 2008 release. But even in herky-jerky pencil sketches, it’s still Futurama. And as near as I can tell from the trailer, the plot has something to do with tentacles that writhe out of a hole in the universe and make Fry the Polyamorous Space Pope or something. I wasn’t even aware that position was still available… I might have applied.

The Beast With A Billion Backs preview [YouTube]

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