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Killer Scene From “Silent Night, Deadly Night 2”

Each year Christmas fills our lives with tacky gifts, undercooked meats, and grumpy alcoholic relatives.  The holiday has also inspired a plethora of gimmicky horror movies, including Santa Claws (1996), You Better Watch Out (1980), and Black Christmas (1976). Amid the tawdry tinsel, the stand-out is Silent Night, Deadly Night 2 (1987), if for no other reason than the infamous scene where the film’s anti-hero kills a man and shouts "Garbage Day!"

Let’s watch the clip:

Those 20 seconds struck a nerve with a generation and spawned countless YouTube remakes and parodies.

The clips have been compiled at another blog, devoted to "Garbage Day" videos.  But we’re happy to save you some time as we present six significant "Garbage Day" homages…

1. This decidedly geeky remake by DarkDrone is a typical example of the low-budget tributes made by adolescent males. See video.

2. One of the lowest rated remakes on YouTube is by JACKASS233, a couple of kids who set their camera on the kitchen counter and actually pantomime the scene as it plays on their computer. See video.

3. The most imaginative examples come from a team called SOMETHINGDAY. Their parodies include Laundry Day, Talk Like a Pirate Day and a stoner-comedy called Four Twen-tay. The acting, comedic timing, and production values are all good enough to have generated a small following. See video.

4. Another powerhouse in "Garbage Day" internet videos is a guy named SERABO.  His titles include Veteran’s Day, Graduation Day, and my personal favorite, Free Comic Book Day. See video.

5. Meanwhile video makers like MRCAMEL123 have re-edited the footage from SNDN2 to make a parody of a Saturday Night Live short which was parodying an episode of The O.C.  Yeesh, that’s a lot of layered irony going on! See video.

6. More recent examples have included movie mash-ups, musical re-mixes, and scenes that combine the "Garbage Day" gunman with video-game characters. Even the film "300" is not immune. See video.

You can follow the People’s History of "Garbage Day" here.

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