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Jewelry for Vampires

Vial Remember when Angelina wore a vial of Billy Bob Thornton’s blood around her neck? Turns out it’s not so weird. It’s a trend. In fact, a site called Vampirewear has made a cottage industry of selling what it calls Blood Vial Jewelry. While some might think the vial’s vile, you can get them filled with fake blood, too. (Get them empty if you want to fill them with your own precious life fluid, or with that of your significant other.)

The necklaces come with little test tubes or fangs, often flanked by bats, wolves, dragons or swords. (They come as earrings or pendants as well.) The site also features slightly more kitsch offerings like doggie T-shirts that say, Let Us Prey. But it’s the jewelry that says ‘Tis the season’ for vampire fans everywhere. 

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