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Japanese Sci-Fi Parody Done Right: “Serenity’s” Fruity Oaty Bars

A couple of days ago, we here at SciFi Scanner rolled our eyes so hard at Cloverfield’s faux-Japanese Slusho commercial that we found ourselves eyeball deep in our own gooey cerebral matter. It was a stupid, lazy parody of the casual surrealism that makes Japanese culture so entertaining: you would find any single advertisement on Tokyo television is more progressively weird and hilarious.

Want to see how a homage / parody to Japanese advertising surrealism should be done? Look no further than Serenity’s Fruity Oaty Bars commercial. As you might know, the Firefly universe is essentially based on the concept that it was Asia that colonized the stars, and much of the ‘verse’s culture takes its cue from contemporary Japan and China.

Just a warning before you click play: This advertisement contains the subliminal trigger code that turns Summer Glau into a kung-fu-fighting, sword-slashing warrior woman. So if there’s any suspiciously blank spots in your past that might have been filled with governmental brainwashing, you might want to make sure your family’s not around before you watch.

Fruity Oaty Bars Commercial [YouTube] (via SF Signal)

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