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H.R. Giger on Alien

Small astronauts, cloaked in fog, making their way through the chromium intestinal crawl of the Pilot’s biomechanical ship on the surface of LV-426 is one of the most haunting images in Ridley Scott’s Alien short of the titular xenomorph itself, and all are products of the feverish imaginings of Swedish surrealist H.R. Giger.

This small documentary reveals Giger discussing his work on Alien and shows some behind-the-scenes footage of how they crafted the Xenomorph and used a truck filled with rotting slaughterhouse bones to create the inside of the dilapidated alien ship.

There’s no doubt that Giger earned his fame with the creature and set design in Alien, which is what makes it rather remarkable that Hollywood hasn’t really hired him much more often since. Rumor has it that when tasked by Joel Schumacher to come up a new Batmobile design for Batman Forever, the resulting biomechanical vehicle was so much like a gooey alien phallus on wheels that Schumacher rejected it out of hand. Giger may just be too weird for Hollywood.

H.R. Giger on Alien [YouTube]

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