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How to Spot the Final Cylon


There’s a temptation, now that Battlestar Galactica has revealed all but one of the final humanoid Cylons, to relax your vigilance.  As the opening of every episode reminds us, after all, there are only twelve copies, and eleven have been revealed. If your constabulary of friends doesn’t contain a short Kevin Spacey type, a va-va-voom blonde with a penchant for lesbianism, or Al from Quantum Leap, chances are you’re safe. Still, there is one Cylon out there still so you can never be too careful. Hence, your living room wall could probably do with this excellent "How To Spot A Cylon" public safety poster.

It reminds us of all the telltale signs: Cylons like to wear red, slinky cocktail dresses. Cylons randomly hallucinate crappy Bob Dylan covers. Cylons are monotheistic. Cylons kill babies. And if you happen to be dating a girl who looks exactly like Tricia Helfer or Grace Park? You’re better off playing dumb.

How To Spot A Cylon [Forbidden Planet]

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