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Four Minutes From “Cloverfield”

In the dark alleys behind the splendid, skyline-filling obelisk of AMC Tower, the staffs of SciFi Scanner and our sister blog, Monsterfest work out our own particular debate on whether or not J.J. Abrams’ upcoming giant monster film Cloverfield is sci-fi or horror the only way we know how: with switchblades and shattered whiskey bottles.

We’ve both got good points. Monsterfest’s point is that it’s got a monster in it, and that’s their M.O. Our counterpoint is that we can punch them so hard they’ll sneeze teeth for a week, so it’s ours. Also, giant monsters typically fall within the purview of sci-fi.

Without much information otherwise, we’re both sticking to our guns and embroiling the AMC Offices into what can only be described as a corporate gang war. Until we have more info, though, categorically proving that Cloverfield isn’t a science fiction movie, please enjoy the first four minutes of Cloverfield courtesy of!

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