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Finding a New Interest in “Lost’s” Season 4

ABC has released a high quality teaser for the February premier of the fourth season of their hit show, Lost. One central plot point of the truncated season (only eight episodes, thanks to the WGA Strike) seem to concern a rescue team sent to the island to save the passengers of Oceanic Flight 815. Predictably, these rescuers are not what they seem… or are they? Probably not.

I gave up on Lost after the second season made it clear that the whole mystery was just stream-of-consciousness weirdness with no real answer forthcoming. Anyone who watched the X-Files can see a sci-fi show spinning its weirds a mile off. I’ve been told I gave up too soon, and it’s gotten a lot better. I have to admit, this teaser did get me interested again. Not because of anything that actually happens but because of the hilariously odd, rapid-fire, subliminal imagery at the end. What does a giant number 6 and a bored looking cow have to do with the conspiracy of Lost? You can bet I’ll be there in February to find out!

LOST – Season four theatre trailer HIGH QUALITY! [YouTube]

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