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Every UFO Book Cover of the 40s, 50s and 60s

Invadersofearth1952For book collectors, the Golden Age of Cover Art coincides with the sudden explosion of the paperback market in the 40s and goes on until the 60s. That explosion, unsurprisingly, is linked with a subject matter worthy of the lurid imagination of the era: All the best vintage book covers are sci-fi.

It makes sense. What inspires the average artist more: the prospect of doing a cover for Ulysses or one for a novel filled with buxom babes with the tentacles of space invaders writhing around them? Tristram Shandy or a gleaming, phallic-shaped space ship rocketing into the unknown?

UFOPOP hosts an absolutely astonishing collection of vintage sci-fi cover art, almost 800 great period book covers featuring UFOs and space aliens. Galleries like this always make me feel like I was born in the wrong decade: Barnes & Noble’s sci-fi section just seems so lifeless compared to what was exhibited in every mid-century pharmacy’s wire-frame paperback stand.

Flying Saucers in Popular Culture [UFOPOP] (via Random Kitty)

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