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“Deadtime Stories” Awaken

Last week, word was out that George A. Romero had begun filming his episodic Deadtime Stories. This week brings further news of the project’s plots. According to Pittsburg Live, the first of three episodes, On Sabbath Hill, is about a professor obsessed with good attendance. His antics cause a student to kill herself then her ghost comes back to haunt him. Dust is the second story in which a security guard at a secret laboratory steals Mars dust in hopes of curing his wife’s cancer. It works, but with unexpected consequences. (Anytime you huff Mars dust, you should probably be prepared for serious ramifications.) The third story has yet to be announced. If Romero ramps up the camp and gore, we could have the next Tales from the Crypt on our hands. If he takes it too seriously, it could end up like the worst of Masters of Horror. Whether Deadtime Stories will be released on DVD or as a Cable TV special may be the greatest mystery of all.

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