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Data’s Visor Is Worth $7 Million

Picture_9What kind of sucker spends $12,000 dollars for a poker visor? It’s a poor financial decision, to say the least. But when that visor was worn by a pasty Brent Spiner in his role as Lieutenant Commander Data on Star Trek: The Next Generation, it’s perhaps understandable. Still stupid, but understandable. But now let’s say you buy that visor and Data himself tells you it’s not the real deal. How stupid would you feel?

Well, if you’re Star Trek memorabilia collector Ted Moustakis, $7 million worth of stupid. That’s the amount Moustakis is suing Christie’s auction house and CBS for selling him an inauthentic visor. Moustakis actually went to Spiner, who then mouthed off that the visor he had purchased was not real: an out-of-work Spiner had sold it on eBay years before.

It’s a pretty funny story in a lot of ways. Auctions can be about selling an illusion and things are only worth as much as people are willing to spend, or in this case, sue.

Trek Auction Participant Sues Christie’s and CBS [Slice of SciFi]

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