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BioShock Wins Game Of The Year

For the fifth year in a row, the "Spike TV Video Game Awards" bored viewers with pathetic patter, all the while doling out honors in categories like Best Graphics (Crysis) and best soundtrack (Rock Band). But the Academy Awards this is not. So while it’s nice to know that one-time Oscar nominee Samuel L. Jackson ( Pulp Fiction ) likes video games too, his return as host ultimately suggested that the producers haven’t yet figured out a way to line up another celebrity for those duties. (Not that we’d rather see Billy Crystal.) All gripes aside, Spike got something right by naming BioShock the Game of the Year (along with Best Xbox 360 game and Best Score awards).  The game rightly beat Halo 3, The Orange Box, and Mass Effect. If only this ceremony was advancing with the same steadfastness as the technology it celebrates, at least one well-known video game critic wouldn’t have been so bored that he walked out.

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