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Amazing Monsters: Blacksite Area 51

As a game company, Midway has sadly foundered in the past few years. Yet many critics looked forward to two games this holiday season, a John Woo action adventure called Stranglehold and a horror offering called Blacksite: Area 51. When Blacksite first arrived in beta form, the visuals gave me quite a scare. Monsters scurried like slithering rats  across my path in the deep darkness; gross, exploding insects gave me the willies. Foreboding music a la Spielberg’s War of the Worlds kept matters tense and suspenseful. In the latest version, once again, you’re a government assassin ridding the world of crazed monsters and aliens. Alas, this time gameplay is somewhat buggy and the shooting grows banal as you advance. The best thing about Blacksite: Area 51 remains its graphics. Don’t buy before you try: $60 is a lot to spend on a game that feels still "in the works."

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