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All I Want for Christmas Is Two Life-Sized Celebrity Robots

Picture_2Science has not quite perfected a disposable, lifelike Marilyn Monrobot, so it is seeming increasingly unlikely that Santa will leave one wrapped in pink ribbon under my tree come December 25th. Still, that’s not to say you can’t buy the sci-fi geek close to your heart his very own robot for Christmas. Fred Barton Productions has a huge lot of custom-built "celebrity" robots available for purchase.

There appears to be a robot for every flavor of sci-fi fan boy. Threepio and Artoo are available for Star Wars aficionados, Cylons for Galactica fans (both generations of them). For classicists, Metropolis’ Maria is perhaps the sexiest robot for the guys, while Gort from This Island Earth provides eye candy for the girls. There’s also Huey, Dewey and Louie from Silent Running and the intriguing Mysterious Doctor Satan.

Needless to say, any of these robots will set you back a pretty penny. Also, be sure to read the fine print on the cardboard box: "Sentience not included."

Fred Barton Productions [Official Site] (via SF Signal)

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