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ABC Recaps “Lost” Online

LostThe biggest threat to a series like Lost is the non-obsessive viewer. The show’s incredibly intricate, maze-like plot forbids you to miss an episode lest you lose out on some critical piece of information and become just as marooned in the narrative as the survivors of Oceanic Flight 815 are in the Pacific.

That danger is magnified ten-fold during inter-season hiatuses. Lost‘s ratings are generally in decline from season to season, and last year’s mid-season break was disastrous from a Nielsen perspective. Needless to say, everyone’s sweating what the WGA strike will do to the audience that’s left.

But ABC’s doing something smart: They’ve posted a clip online that sums up the first three seasons both as a refresher course for long-time fans and a hook to snag new viewers. The well-executed recap comes in at a little over eight minutes. And as someone who sort of gave up on Lost a long while back, I actually found that I enjoyed the last three seasons distilled to their essence a hell of a lot more than I did being led by the nose for months from cliffhanger to cliffhanger.

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