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Will the Writers’ Strike Change the Face of Television Forever?

editor’s note: Roger Daltry and Josh Brolin interviews were filmed
at the Shootout studios on the same day. Roger Daltry will be appearing in an
upcoming episode of Shootout.

What do Roger Daltry and Josh Brolin have in common? They had to cross the same
picket line of writers striking in front of our studio. In another day and
perhaps a different union, the picketers would have crowded them and me out or
at least flexed their muscle of intimidation. These folks, despite the
seriousness of their undertaking, had boxed lunches (undoubtedly some catered)
and many had four dollar Starbucks lattes they sipped as they strolled in front
of the gate. This seems very orderly and both Brolin and Daltry had little
openly to add to the dialogue of the strike (yet having little practical effect
on their life). But we will look back, if this confrontation does not come
quickly to a soft landing, to find that this strike and work stoppage (unlike the
one that occurred nearly twenty years ago that lasted nearly five months) will
have more profound long lasting effects.

Back then there were fewer
alternatives for the audience — no internet or huge game audience. This,
combined with cheaper and more abundant reality shows and game shows, could really put a
crimp on the writers (and more significantly the advertisers) who already are
jumping the TV ship for the internet. Both may never come back. This is a
cautionary tale, but we should all be active in our own rescue and there is some
commonality of interests that should motivate the parties to some accommodation
and speed.

Flash forward…we need someone to write, direct, and star in
a good ending and these folks know how important that is. I want the writers on
the other side of the gate quickly and the rhetoric to be on the pages — not in
front of the stages.

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