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Why Should Cylons Be Atheist?

Why do Cylons believe in God? Over at the Daily Galaxy, Casey Kazan, asks the question:

The question for humans is this: If we don’t exercise reason at all times, or use science as the exclusive way of knowing, why should we expect another species, even one created in a robotics or computer lab, to be imminently rational and scientific? The simple answer is that we can’t, anymore than we can predict the future.

It’s an interesting point, but I’d argue that the inherent quality of any successful, self-aware life form (whether artificial, organic or Cylon in-between) has to be a certain degree of unreasonableness, precisely because the future can’t be predicted.

Reason, after all, essentially implies predicting previously observed cause and effect. But life is extremely random. To make sense of things, to survive, an intelligent life form can’t simply based its judgments upon what it has observed. It needs to imagine other possibilities… or, at least, extrapolate causes from entirely different effects and apply them to the problem at hand.

So why wouldn’t a sentient mechanic life form like a Cylon answer a question as grand in scope as "Why are we here?" and "What happens to us when we die?" with an unreasonable, unscientific answer?

But is it even unreasonable for a Cylon to postulate the existence of a divine creator? After all, unlike humans, they themselves were provably created. The first question they’d ask themselves would likely be, "Okay, so I know who created us. Now who created all of this?" Then they’d try to go kill him.

The Theology of BSG [Daily Galaxy] (via SF Signal)

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