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What Does The Future Hold for James Bond?

Bond_bookIn an interview at, Daniel Craig talks about plans for the next James Bond film, which should start shooting in the spring It’s still known only as Bond 22, because the series has officially run out of Ian Fleming material to adapt.

Clearly the series shows no signs of running out of steam. Casino Royale was a big hit, and audiences seemed to welcome Craig’s approach to Bond. If anything, the producers seems intent on upping the quality of the films. Unlike the workmanlike directors who helmed many of the Bond movies, the new one has a name director (Marc Forster, of Monster’s Ball, Finding Neverland and Kite Runner) and a screenplay co-written by Oscar winner Paul Haggis (Crash, Million Dollar Baby).

But the Bondsmen are faced with a choice: do they strike out in new directions, presumably having Bond face challenges of the modern age? Or should they go back and remake the original Ian Fleming stories? After all, it’s been 45 years since Dr. No hit the screen. And many of the Bonds films used little more of Fleming’s stories than the titles.

What do you think? (Feel free to say more in a comment!)

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