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Upcoming Movie Poll

Dead_tree A desolate stretch of cinematic Winter approaches, one which we normally associate with, shudder, the bright Summer action and romance months.  What’s up with horror this year?  The season isn’t lost, lots of fine-looking releases set for January (Cloverfield, Trick r Treat (maybe), but the calendar year is kind of…petering out.

What’s the state of horror? Is it that the studios aren’t sure what we’ll respond to?  Is it that Horror fans prefer to buy DVDs?  There’s lots and lots of DVDs.  30 Days of Night showed me how much fun being in an actual theater can be.  Saw IV and Halloween had big crowds.  Why don’t I have three horror films to choose from this weekend?

Have we cause to mourn?  I say thee nay!  Below is a list of the remaining big horror films coming out over the next two months.  Which one are you looking forward to the most?

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