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Things You Didn’t Know: The Hunt For Red October

When Tom Clancy penned The Hunt for Red October as his first political thriller in 1984, he had no idea the Jack Ryan character would become a memorable hero in film. Here are some things you may not have known about the movie.

Sean Connery initially turned the role down, thinking it was unrealistic in a post-Cold-War era world.
-Connery’s hairpiece in the movie cost $20,000.
-Kevin Costner, not Alec Baldwin, was originally slated to play Jack Ryan.
-The model of the Red October never hit the deep seas. The feeling of H2O was created by emplying smoke on the set. Then, it was touched up with early digital effects.
-When the video version hit the shelves, the tapes’ housings were manufactured in red.
-Lou Pinella and the Cincinnati Reds were so inspired and moved by the movie, they thought about it every day. It gave them the stuff to sweep the Oakland A’s in the October, 1990, World Series.
-Well known screen scribes Robert Garland, John Milius and David Shabe worked on the script, but they were uncredited.
-Fred Thompson, a current Republican presidential candidate, had a small role in the film.
-During filming off the coast of San Diego, the USS Houston, sunk a tugboat. One person lost his life.
-A good deal of the film’s budget, estimated at as much as $50 million, went to the Navy for use of their ships and to personnel who consulted and worked on the film.

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