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The Worst Doctor Who Ever

The most recent Doctor Who Children in Need mini-episode was one of the most charming moments in Who history: an iconic meeting between David Tennant’s Tenth Doctor and Peter Davison’s Fifth Doctor (albeit, flabbier and older than he should have been because of… well… technobabble).

Even if you didn’t like the fan fluffing, it could have been worse. Much worse. In fact, the Children in Need BBC charity once spawned not only the worst meet-up between past and present Doctors in Doctor Who history, but also the single most embarrassing and cheesy moment in sci-fi television. Ever.

The year is 1993. The BBC commissions a reunion between all living past Doctors, from Jon Pertwee to Sylvester McCoy, for Dimensions in Time… a crossover with the unwatchable working class soap opera, Eastenders. Tom Baker starts things off in fine form: 100 pounds overweight and dressed in what appears to be a red pimp suit, the Fourth Doctor puts out a call to all of his various incarnations that…

Blabber de boop, gobbledegook. Who cares? It sucks. Look, trust me: Doctor Who has never been this terrible. It’s like watching a train full of cripples crash into an orphanage, then explode. Making Dimensions in Time even worse, keep in mind that it was aired during Doctor Who’s 12 year hiatus, meaning it was literally the only Doctor Who fans got for over a decade.

Doctor Who: Dimensions in Time [PoETV]

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