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The Philip K. Dick Android

Of all men, it is Philip K. Dick — author of The Man in the High Castle, Blade Runner and A Scanner Darkly — who would be pleased, in his death, to be recreated as a robot. And so he has.

The android, who goes by Phil, sits lazily on a plaid, grease-stained seventies sofa, a glazed look to his eyes, staring at the ceiling and doubtlessly day dreaming of the bleatings of electric sheep. He is dressed in rumpled clothes and moves with horrible, servo-controlled herky-herky movements, just as the real Philip K. Dick, in his drugged-out delirium, might have done. However, unlike the real Philip K. Dick, “Phil” has really crap taste in movies: when asked, he claims his favorite movie is the execrable Robin Williams vehicle Bicentennial Man. Oh, Phil! How could you break our hearts so.

Curiously enough, this android was actually stolen during shipment shortly after this clip was filmed. Knowing human nature as I do, I regret to say that this probably means that, even now, some robo-fetishist is probably having sex with Phil in his blinking, bleeping boudoir. But you know what? I think, somehow, that would have pleased the real Philip K. Dick too. “I always wanted to be a pleasure model.”

Philip K. Dick [YouTube]

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