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The 3 Best ‘Greedo Shot First’ Parodies


The "Greedo Shot First" debacle is perhaps the one geek cause that can cause incredulous eye rolls even outside of a core constabulary of flabby dorks of porridge-like muscle tone.

Everyone’s familiar with the controversy. When releasing his special editions of the first three Star Wars films in 1997 (ostensibly an excuse to make additions to the film Lucas couldn’t originally manage with the technology of the time), Lucas decided to make Han a little more cuddly by changing his scene in the Mos Eisley cantina. In the new version, Greedo shoots and misses Han at point blank range, and it’s only then that Han shoots Greedo.  Absurd.

Luckily, where geeks are outraged, YouTube mash-up memes commence. After the jump, check out my favorite three "Greedo Shoots First" parodies. The first simply takes Greedo’s lousy aim to its natural conclusion. In the second, Han just doesn’t have time for Greedo’s jibber-jabber at all (this is the way I wish the scene played out even in the original film). And the final clip extrapolates the absurdity of Greedo shooting at Han first into the famous Death Star control room scene.

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