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Sylvester Stallone, XXX Star?

StallionFrom the "Dear God I hope he’s kidding" department: according to the trade publication Adult Video News, an unnamed source “close to” Sylvester Stallone says that the actor “wishes he had done hardcore.”

OK, that’s a tiny bit out of context. (Got your attention though, didn’t we?) Here’s the whole (non)scoop: as you probably know, in 1970, when he was still a starving actor, Stallone earned $200 appearing in a softcore film named Party at Kitty and Stud’s. Yes, he was naked in it. No, he didn’t do anything worse than he did in, say, The Specialist. Whether or not anyone ever saw the movie at the time no one knows. (They didn’t exactly do box office reports on grindhouse movies like this.)

Of course, after Stallone hit big with Rocky, someone found that footage, edited in some nasty stuff and released it as The Italian Stallion. I don’t know anyone who saw it who didn’t wish they could get their money back. But film is forever, and it’s back in theaters. The new print has supposedly struck from recently rediscovered internegatives, though customers who have bought the DVD on Amazon say that it looks like it was just copied from an old VHS tape.

AVN says “The Italian Stallion stands as an early example of celebrity-porn exploitation—but fans are likely to be disappointed if they expect to see graphic sex. A source close to Stallone told AVN that given all the fuss over the movie, the actor said he ‘wishes he had done hardcore scenes in retrospect.’" I’m presuming that he meant that tongue in cheek as a way of saying that he’s sorry to see his fans getting ripped off. (Although that’s going on the assumption that he actually said this—how much can you believe an unnamed source?)

Here’s the trailer to the 1976 release of the movie, and believe me, if it makes you want to see more that wasn’t my intention. (Gotta love Sly’s funky dance, though):

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