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Storm Troopers Invade Tokyo For Dance Dance Revolution

Within the labyrinthian sprawl of Tokyo’s Akihabra, it is not uncommon to see strange cyborg pleasure models, green haired cat girls and the occasional alien. After all, with its endless array of manga and video game shops, it’s a cosplay paradise. But generally speaking, Japanese cosplay enthusiasts stay confined to the district… a brightly colored ghetto of otaku nerds and their feverish imaginings.

Which is what makes this video of a dancing stormtrooper so remarkable. First of all, he’s dressed in full Imperial armor… not quite a popular look even in Japan’s cosplay circles, which tends to favor dressing as the spiky haired hydrocephalics of Japan’s mangas and video games.

But it’s not just the cultural dissonance of this stormtrooper’s costume that makes him so remarkable. He’s cosplaying outside of Akihabra, in some of the busiest and squarest areas of Tokyo. And he’s doing it with style.

Tokyo Dance Trooper in Shibuya [YouTube]

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