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Steve Martin: The Poll, The Movies, The Book

With the exception of Woody Allen, Steve Martin has captured our hearts and minds like no other comedian of the past generation. He’s been successful on TV, on stage and on film. He’s been omnipresent in pop culture. In fact in college, I had a female friend who couldn’t stop doing an imitation of Martin’s ‘wild and crazy guy‘ routine. (If she hadn’t been so deep on other levels, it would have been annoying.)

On November 20, Scribner will release Martin’s autobiography, a 224-page tome called Born Standing Up: A Comic’s Life. Jerry Seinfeld, a comedic master of our time in his own right, has called the work "Absolutely magnificent. One of the best books about comedy and being a comedian ever written." Hear Martin read from the strikingly literary book on The New Yorker site.

As one of the most anticipated non-fiction books of the season, Martin writes about working at Disneyland at age 10 and performing a dozen times a week by age 20. Says the catalog copy, "Obsession is a substitute for talent, he has said, and Steve Martin’s focus and daring–his sheer tenacity–are truly stunning. He writes about making the very tough decision to sacrifice everything not original in his act, and about lucking into a job writing for The Smothers Brothers Show.

He writes about mentors, girlfriends, his complex relationship with his parents and sister, and about some of his great peers in comedy–Dan Ackroyd, Lorne Michaels, Carl Riener, Johnny Carson. He writes about fear, anxiety, loneliness, and how he figured out what worked on stage.

In anticipation of the book, let’s find out which your is your favorite Steve Martin movie.

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