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Star Trek Mission To Game VI Mego Playset!

In the 70’s, every kid in America had at least one Mego action figure. Smartly licensing a number of film properties, Mego began mass producing standardized 8-inch figures for Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Planet of theApes, The Wizard of Oz and, of course, Star Trek. Since the bodies of all these dolls were exactly the same, Mego could simply license a character, slap a new heard on an existing action figure, dress it in an appropriate outfit and slap it into a new box.

Mego’s status as go-to guy for licensed action figures eventually collapsed when they stupidly passed on the rights to the Star Wars franchise in 1976. Kenner’s action figures became so popular that Mego went into a gluttonous orgy of license collecting, releasing countless lines of action figures based on unpopular, stinker properties like Moonraker and Buck Rogers. By 1982, Mego was bankrupt, and the torch had been passed to companies like Kenner and Hasbro.

But the legacy of Mego lives on for millions of people who were kids in the 70’s and early 80’s and remember the plush bodies and hard plastic heads of Mego’s sci-fi action dolls. This ad for Mego’s Star Trek "Mission to Gamma VI" playset , complete with Lillipilutians, a giant dragon idol and man-eating plants, had me slavering as a kid, desperate for a Christmas morning that never came when it would appear, ready-constructed, underneath my family’s Christmas tree.

Mission To Gamma VI. What a success!

1976 Mego Star Trek Mission to Gamma VI Playset Commercial [YouTube]

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