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Stallone Believes Nostalgia Is New Again

Sylvester Stallone cannot be stopped when it comes to remaking the old films he starred in and loved back in the day. First, he did another Rocky (Rocky Balboa), which made over $150 million worldwide and cost only $24 million to make. Early next year, another Rambo (this time, dealing with the Burmese-Karen 60-year-long civil war) will hit the big screen.

And today, we learn that Stallone wills star in a remake of 70s vigilante film Death Wish, which starred the gruff but macho Charles Bronson as Paul Kersey. Stallone will also direct the movie, which won’t be so different from the original in which Kersey seeks revenge after his wife and daughter are attacked.

But who do you think is the better Paul Kersey?  Charles Bronson, the original, or Sylvester Stallone, the superstar involved in the remake?

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