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Scorsese’s Hitchcock’s “Key to Reserva”

Alfred Hitchcock is a staple on AMC and a genre innovator. You’d be hard pressed to find a director who hasn’t been influenced by the man in the suit — and Martin Scorsese is no different. He created a short film, The Key to Reserva, which on one hand is a wine commercial, but on the other it’s a tribute and good-natured ribbing of the Hitchcock influence. In the short, Scorsese sets out to make a film based on an incomplete Hitchcock script.

"We’re gonna do it. Like my own Hitchcock film," Scorsese says in the short. "But it has to be the way he would have made the picture then, but making it now. But the way he would have made it then. If he was alive now, making this now, he would be making it now, as if he made it back then."

It’s a fun short film that still capitalizes on Hitchcock’s suspense building — the long takes, the quick cutting during action, the score and the beautiful dame. It’s all there, screaming in your face, but it still works wonderfully. Plus, it plays out like a shot by shot game of Hitchcock Trivia, name that shot reference.

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