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Sci-Fi Gifts For Christmas: Working DIY Phaser

It’s Black Friday, and that means it’s time to think about gift ideas for the sci-fi fan inexplicably close to your heart, despite the fact that he’s something of a smelly, anti-social mouth breather. And while you may be perusing Amazon’s DVD selection right now, looking in vain for a DVD box set of some classic sci-fi series that the nerd of your heart doesn’t already own, let us just save you some trouble: he already owns them all.

No, for true Yuletide Gift Giving Ingenuity, you’re going to have to get creative. And what better way to show that you care than by making a gift for someone with your own two hands? So might we recommend that you turn your mind towards crafting a working simulacrum of a sci-fi weapon of destruction instead of that lame plastic light saber or Cylon dominatrix mask?

Check this out: for just a hundred bucks and the cost of a little replacement elbow grease, you too can create a working Star Trek phaser. Think about the look on your loved one’s face when he comes downstairs on Christmas morning in his worn, tattered Starfleet pajamas, opens the box and discovers within the central prop of all of his internal revenge fantasies for so many years? After all, what Trekkie hasn’t wanted a working phaser to dial up to 11 and vaporize Star Wars fans with from time to time?

Blu-Ray Laser Phaser [Instructables]

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