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Ridley Scott Hates Sci-Fi, Invented Wet Streets


Our good buddy and occasional SciFi Scanning colleague Mr. John DeNardo has recovered from his Thanksgiving turkey stupor and checked his blog roll, only to wonder if his holiday infusion of L-tryptophan is making him hallucinate.

Unfortunately, he isn’t. Mr. Ridley Scott is yet again claiming that sci-fi is dead, even after his last pathetic argument was rightly ridiculed across the Internet. That time, you might remember, Scott, without a hint of irony, claimed that sci-fi was “as dead as Westerns…” despite the facts that we are not only enjoying a renaissance of smart sci-fi, but smart, capable westerns are once again hitting screens around the country.

This time, Mr. Scott makes a more reasonable argument. According to the Alien and Blade Runner director:

“Everyone and their mother are making science-fiction movies, and for the most part they all really lack story. The tail is wagging the dog – the special effects, instead of being the means to an end, are the end in itself.”

He’s got a point, but surely, this isn’t a problem limited to sci-fi, and it’s unfair to compare an effects-heavy popcorn flick like Transformers to something as smart, cynical and cerebral as Children of Men.

I think we can dismiss Scott out-of-hand as a crank who gets some satisfaction out of dismissing a genre he’s long since abandoned. Especially considering that Scott, in the same interview, claims that films that feature “wet streets, smoke and funny people” are directly plagiarizing him. What a buffoon.

Ridley Scott Still Hates SciFi [SF Signal]

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