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P2 Gets Eaten Raw By Variety

Now here’s the thing about reviews in movie trade publications: they’re usually a lot kinder than reviews in newspapers and magazines. That’s because, ultimately, a movie trade publication makes its dollars on promoting the wondrous world of La-La-Land. While they will elbow and nudge, they won’t punch and bludgeon.

So it was refreshing and, at the same time, curious to see John Anderson begin his massacre of P2 by saying that what Psycho did for the shower, P2 tries to do for the parking garage – to make it a chamber of horrors. Apparently, it doesn’t work. Says Anderson, "P2 struggles to maintain its momentum because there’s simply not
enough to do in a parking garage to fill out a feature film; you might
say the script contains a lot of available space. This is arguably
symptomatic of the ailing horror genre, that filmmakers will go to such
depths to find novel ways to terrify, maim and mutilate." Nicely put. Hey, even Bloody-Disgusting doesn’t like this one. Save your cash for The Mist, I say.

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