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Old Godzilla Toys & Ads Galore

Yesterday after my Godzilla DVD collection post, I received a request to put up some photos of old Godzilla toys and collectibles. While I don’t usually take requests, in the spirit of the holiday, check out all the Godzilla toy art on the next page.

Also, check out this (almost impossible to see) Japanese commercial for Godzilla toy. Better is a YouTube fan’s altar to the giant monster: the kid even draws pretty well. Then, there’s Trendmasters’ 1998 commercial which is cool, but a little too slick if you ask me. Better is their Godzilla Wars commercial. Finally, someone made their own mini-movie, Godzilla vs. Nintendo’s Pikachu — so nicely done and hilarious, too.

Most of these toys are from the Toysnjoys Web site:





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