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Mist on the Horizon

Mist_tentacles_hentai_stephen_king_The results of our "What Are You Looking Forward To?" poll sure favored The Mist.  It was my vote also.  I can only guess at the reasoning of others, but the fact that it’s got the production team from some of the best Stephen King adaptations ever (Shawshank Redemption, Green Mile) and is one of my favorite short stories ever sure helped my decision.

If there’s anything to worry about, it’s that those of us in the know are going to have to suffer hearing a bunch of "noobs" talk about how great it is.  Where were you when I was alone on the school bus looking for someone to talk about "Skeleton Crew" with?  There are worse fates than water cooler horrortalk, though.  If you want a legitimate possible concern, it’s that the King tales Frank Darabont has adapted before have been non-monstery.  He’s been great at getting the human side of folks in prisons, but how will he deal with tentacles coming through rips in the fabric of space/time?  It will soon be told.

In general, I expect faithfully adapted excellence, but my question of the weekend for you is this…If you were in charge of this short story to the screen project, would you change anything or lay it out as straight as possible?

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