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Learn To Be A Jedi At The New York Jedi Academy

1878645727_3be4738899_mMastering a light saber isn’t like twirling around a neon flashlight. Unlike most swords, which have a dull edge held towards the swordsman, a light saber is a closely-focused laser with the capability of slicing through femurs like microwaved chocolate bars. Unlike more traditional swords, a light saber does not  have weight, so momentum is not a problem. Never the less, many beginning light saber aficionados find themselves holding their own lopped off digits and weeping on the floor after their first sparring session.

The New York Jedi Academy aims to teach newbie Jedi in the ways  of light saber combat. Using a large flashlight with a long neon plastic tube attached to the bulb, beginner Jedis learn to fight one another while making impressive sounding light saber noises with their mouths.

Frankly, it’s pretty goofy. I’m all for getting together with your friends and acting like a dork, but I draw the line at paying to be instructed on how to be a dork. If I’m going to pay for light saber classes, there’d better be a good chance I’m going to end up in a mano-e-mano duel with Emperor Palpatine sometime in the near future, and that just doesn’t happen very much in Brooklyn.

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