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Kids Love Quiro The Robot

Aside from being our larval form, children really are little idiots. But how stupid are they? A group of researchers at the University of California in San Diego recently conducted a test to see how quickly small toddlers would accept a robot into their midst. The results do not bode well for the future of the human race.

The robot in question was named Quiro (pronounced differently than the name of the famous gay superhero), built by the Sony Corporation to function as a brain-damaged version of its Asimo robot. Quiro could waddle around, it giggled when its head was patted, and lay down on the floor for a nap when it ran out of batteries; in other words, it was a $100,000 Tickle-Me-Elmo.

Needless to say, the little cretins just lapped it up, viewing the robot as a peer. They hugged Quiro, they covered him with a blanket when he lay down for a nap and they seemed delighted to wail on his head with their tiny, sticky fists, thus causing Quiro to giggle.

I am not thrilled by the results. Frankly, none of this bodes well for humanity’s chances in the Robo-Revolution to come: you just know some snot-nosed punk is going to sell humanity out to the first evil cyborg that manages to infiltrate the human resistance’s day care centers of 20×6.

Giggling Robot Becomes One Of The Kids [YouTube]

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