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Japan Creates Horrifying Robot Dentistry Patient

It all sounds great on paper. All dentists need to practice their drill work on someone’s bicuspids, so instead of paying a hobo a gallon of rot gut to perform promiscuous dental surgery upon his fungus-encrusted molars, why not create a re-usable robot patient that reacts realistically to how much novocaine you use, how deep you drill and whether or not you are accidentally leaning your elbow on her trachea?

Unfortunately, the result is horrible. A cross-eyed, rubber-skinned Japanese robot wildly rolls its eyes and bares its teeth in a horrible rictus. This, my friends, is the screaming horror that lurks in the uncanny valley. Even worse? Given the country of the robot’s origin, it seems almost positive that some techno-fetishist has taken advantage of this thing’s perpetually puckered mouth and prone, lifeless position. Horrible.

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