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Jack Attack!

Jack Nicholson, of course. (You didn’t actually ask, "Jack who?," did you?). Fans of Chinatown will want to read an interview he gave to about the newly released special edition DVD of that film, and of its sequel, The Two Jakes, which Nicholson directed himself. He confesses to having tinkered with it for the DVD, taking out some of the narration and the music. And he also says that there’s a script for another sequel that would complete what he and writer Robert Towne originally conceived of as a trilogy.

Intriguing as those revelations are, I was more interested in Nicholson’s comments that he has given some thought to revisiting the characters he played in two of his other best films, The Last Detail and Five Easy Pieces.

Those sequels may never come to be, but Nicholson has hardly stopped working. His new film The Bucket List will be released in December, and it seems like a strong candidate for Oscar nominations. Here’s a look at the film’s trailer:

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