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“I Thought They Smelled Bad From The Outside!”

If Han Solo in The Empire Strikes Back taught us anything when he rescued Luke from the freezing Hoth night, it was never let any dead animal go to waste. So it ought to be no surprise that a camel, split open and eviscerated, makes a good shelter against the harsh Saharan sun. After all, what are camels if not the dromedary wampas of Northern Africa?

In this clip, the Discovery Channel’s Bear Gryllis shows us how to make your own disemboweled Wampa tent out of a dead camel using only a knife. Of course, camels are about as rare as wampas in the United States, but you can extrapolate the clip’s instructional value to apply to cows, horses, even fat people, if you so desired… which is sure to come in handy next time you’re playing Luke Skywalker on Hoth with your buddies near an abattoir.

Bear Meets Camel [YouTube]

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