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Halloween Hangover

Drunk_pumpkinThe Bride of Ravenface and I dressed as bacon and eggs for Halloween.  She a slender, crispy strip of bacon and I a sunny-side down vision in yolk and albumen.  We made our way from party to party and club to club starting in the high-ceilinged bars of Manhattan, down to the secret speakeasies of Chinatown and over the bridge to darkest Brooklyn.

At one point we had to dodge an intoxicated stockbroker dressed as a skillet.

At every party we went to a television or laptop was showing a broadcast or a DVD of a horror movie, and nine times out of ten it was from the Halloween or Nightmare on Elm Street series.  Where were the giallo parties, I ask you?  Where were the secret silvery Universal classics parties?  In your town?

What was playing at your Halloween party?

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