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“Funny Games” Déjà vu?

Word of a remake usually stirs up feelings of anger and dread that one of your beloved classics will be tarnished. The Funny Games remake, however, is a different beast. Starring Naomi Watts, Tim Roth and Michael Pitt, Funny Games is directed by Michael Haneke, who directed the original Austria film. It was clear from the trailer that this remake is not a cash-in by a major studio, but rather an adaptation, or Americanization, of the original concept, and the new video at IGN once again proves that Haneke isn’t out to overhaul the film.

The scene is nearly a carbon copy of a scene from the original Funny Games. While the original is excellent, a verbatim remake seems unnecessary. It begs the question, why remake the film at all? It seems like it’s only being done to appeal to a wider American audience — an audience that wouldn’t take the time to track down the original film even though it’s a phenomenal work of art and one hell of a thriller. If you don’t feel like reading the subtitles of the original, you can wait until the remake is released in February 2008; it looks like the same film anyway you slice it.

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