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Eyeball Alba’s The Eye Trailer

"I’m seeing things I shouldn’t see," worries Jessica Alba in the first trailer for the upcoming The Eye. What you first see is a disoriented Alba as Sydney Wells before, during and after her eye transplant. If you’ve ever had a medical procedure that changes the very nature of your being, you’ll know how scary this can be. The Eye trailer builds tension and about two-thirds through, you begin to see that Jessica is haunted and that she sees into a supernatural world. And then, the quick cuts come as do the horrific screams. There’s a car crash, blazing flames shooting high, then complete silence. Jessica warily peers through the peephole in her apartment door. An evil zombie-like ghost crashes against the door noisily, the epitome of things that go bump in the night. It’s those last few seconds that make me want to see this particular ghost story.

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