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Experiencing “Bioshock”

While movies are generally a distraction for most people, when you eat, breathe and sleep film, you need something to distract you from your distraction (or as some people call it, an obsession). Horror hounds are always looking for the next good scare, and what better than put yourself into the story. Horror video games like Resident Evil and Silent Hill leave a wet spot on the couch with their engaging atmosphere and blood-thirsty enemies. Bioshock has both of those in spades, but it also has something more terrifying — a philosophy.

Playing as Jack, you must explore the underwater dystopian city of Rapture, while surviving the attacks of mutants and robots that populate it. Drawing off the works of Any Rand and George Orwell, the world is grounded enough that it can mess with your head. The underwater city was created to escape the oppression of religion and government — allowing science to run amuck. The city’s downfall (and its mutants) is thanks to a drug-like plasmid, causing the "mutants" to act like crazed drug addicts.

Bioshock is available for the Xbox 360 and PC platforms.

As you walk the city’s dark halls, screams surround you as the shadows taunt you. Within the first 10 minutes of the game, you go to turn a corner and see the shadow of a woman standing over a baby carriage. She’s singing a demented lullaby as you approach, and at the last second she turns, pulling the gun from the baby carriage, and opens fire.

It was at that point that a friend of mine who was watching the game said, "This is terrifying, I can’t watch this," and promptly left the room. If your looking for a distraction from your own horror obsession, Bioshock will feed the terror need with substance and style.

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