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Can You Jam With The Console Cowboys in Cyberspace?

You know, I already considered Julia Stiles to be arm-devouringly able even before I discovered this clip of her as a cyberpunk-loving hacker iwho quotes William Gibson’s Neuromancer as her personal bible in the delightful 90’s PBS show, Ghostwriter.

The sound’s muddy, so here’s the full transcription of Julia’s cyberpunk smackdown:

Do you know anything about hackers? Can you jam with the console cowboys in cyberspace? You ever read Neuromancer? Ever experienced the new wave? The next wave? The green wave? OR Cyberpunk? I didn’t think so. I’ll handle the hacking stories.

In a perfect world, this quote would have been followed by Julia bitch slapping her interlocutor, but we realize that this development, while dramatically satisfying, would probably have been out-of-place on a children’s show aimed at developing teenager literacy.

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