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Big Weekend For Horror

Horrorfest061127Hey, do you guys know if there are any new horror movies opening this weekend?

I’m joking, of course, because there are at least 9 new horror films hitting theaters screens.  The big ones are the 2007 edition of the After Dark Horrorfest – 8 Films To Die For (I really could do without that subtitle), which showcases a whole heap of new, low-budget genre films in an exclusive 10-day run.  Unlike last year’s edition (a surprise success), none of these films are scheduled to get theatrical runs of their own, so if you want to see any of them on the big screen, now’s the time to do so.  And trust me, no matter how sucky some of these films might be (and there are bound to be stinkers), half the fun will be experiencing these films with a crowd.

Of the eight movies, I’ve heard good word about Mulberry St. and Borderland (both of which I’ve missed at previous festivals), while the rest are giant question marks to me.  But that’s the fun of going to film festivals, taking a chance on something you don’t know that may surprise you, and getting to have that experience at your local multiplex is part of what make the Horrorfest concept so much fun.  In truth, I’d hope that more indie companies would do this for smaller films, putting together traveling film festivals that play in more than one theater at a time, so for that reason alone I applaud what After Dark Films is trying to do.  I just hope the pictures are good enough.  (Check out the list of participating theaters here)

Also opening this weekend (all by its lonesome) is P2, the movie that tries to convince us that parking garages aren’t scary or creepy enough without some sort of psychotic security guard running around after you.  Co-scripted and produced by Haute Tension director Alexandre Aja, the film’s plot bears a striking resemblance to the 1991 direct-to-video thriller Lower Level (beautiful woman stalked by crazed security guard in her office building), it stars Wes Bently as the security guard and the lovely Rachel Nichols as the object of his affection.  So far the early word isn’t so hot (Variety‘s review was mixed), but P2 sounds like it could go either way.  If anyone of you guys see it, let me know if it’s worth my time.

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