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Battle Of Horror Operas

Hollywood is nothing if not imitative. Give ’em a bandwagon and execs will jump right on. So it’s not surprising to hear that, in addition to Repo! The Genetic Opera from Darren Lynn Bousman, they’ll be another contender from Universal called Repossession Mambo.

According to Bloody-Disgusting, Bousman isn’t too happy. He spews in his MySpace blog,
"So yesterday, I am sitting in the edit room – minding my own business –
and suddenly someone walks in to introduce themselves… Guess who it
was? Go on, guess, seriously? REPOSSESSION MAMBO!!!! That’s right –
that ‘other’ REPO movie moved in NEXT DOOR to us… Not down the
hall… not a floor below – but RIGHT NEXT TO US!!!

"On any other film I would be worried – but not with this film… and
not with them… For those of you who have seen the stage show – you
know that NOTHING else is out there like this… or us… So what –
another Repossession movie is in production – – who cares? My question
to them is do they have BILL MOSELEY dancing around singing while he is
stabbing people in the throat? I think not!!! This is unlike anything I
have ever seen – and the more of the edit I see – the harder time I am
having comparing it to ANYTHING?"

Well, he wouldn’t have written about it if he weren’t a little scared, and a little scared is all right in just about any situation. A little paranoia, too, may help in that editing room. I liked the video for RTGO (as I’ve said before). And maybe, just maybe, there’s room for two of these things — especially since Mambo stars Jude Law and the great Forest Whitaker.

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