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Bad Weekend For Horror

Horrorfest061127Horror films sure took a hit at this past weekend’s box office.  According to Box Office Mojo, Saw IV took another 50% drop to 4.9 million and sixth place (it will probably top out at about $70 million) while P2 premiered softly to only $2 million and 30 Days Of Night made a bit more ($2.1 million) to get to $37 million so far.  But the big story is just what the F Train happened to After Dark Horrorfest 2007?

Even though it was only playing on 323 screens, this year’s Horrorfest only managed to squeeze in a paltry $450,000, or $1,393 per screen.  By comparison, last year’s Fest played on 165 more screens but had a decidedly better per-screen average of $4,735, and that one opened up against Casino Royale and Happy Feet.  I guess horror really is dead at the box office.

Sure, the Horrorfest is nothing more than a big promotion for a line of DVDs, but this is a major dive in business, especially when you consider all of the marketing.  Did any of you guys go?  Were the theaters crowded?  Did you like what you saw?  Would you say these films were worth your time?  If you didn’t go, what held you off?  I’m curious to know.  If this concept is going to survive (and after this weekend, it’s pretty doubtful) it’s going to need more support and better word of mouth.  It isn’t just After Dark that’s going to need your help, but theatrical horror in general. 

Here’s hoping things go better for The Mist.   

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